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WELL veg WASH is a Natural Alkaline vegetable wash powder that works on "AgriPur" technology. It is a "patent pending " formula  that work in a high alkaline (pH 11 to 12) medium .The

Ice Tea- A healthy soft drink sachet during travel and at office.Rs 150/=

Wellness diet's Ice tea is a unique product with its taste and flavor. It is a cost effective, alternative healthy solution for carbonated soft drinks. Ice tea contains black tea, Vitamin C and

Digestv Tea- A primary care solution for digestive disease.Rs 140/=

Digestive disorders are very common in day today life. Why to go for medications directly when some traditional herbs can relive the problems. DIGESTV TEA is a simple

Wheat Grass Powder:-No fat nutrition.Rs 460/=

Wheat Grass- High in vitamins, minerals, amino acids that can supplement a good portion of daily requirement . Wheat Grass has high chlorophyll content.100gms Wheat grass powder is approx  equal

Green Coffee Powder-Power of chlorogenic acid for weight reduction..Rs 180/=

 Add 1 to 2 tsp of WELLNESS DIET'S GREEN COFFEE in one glass of boiled water and drink 1 hour before heavy meals.  Add clove, cinnamon or lime for flavor and taste. Do not add sugar. Avoid


HERBAL TEAS are good for health. Tea is a medium of transport for various traditional herbs that are added to give various health benefits in non communicable diseases. The ingredients