Wheat Grass Powder:-No fat nutrition.Rs 460/=

wheat grass Powder : 100gms
100 gms= 23 g vegetable nutrition :

Wheat Grass- High in vitamins, minerals, amino acids that can supplement a good portion of daily requirement . Wheat Grass has high chlorophyll content.100gms Wheat grass powder is approx  equal to 23 kg vegetable nutrition .It is also known as  “Panacea on earth. A rich vegetable food for weight management, diabetes, Anemia patient, liver disorders especially for fatty liver. Vit A,B,C,E, nearly 20 minarals,18 amino acids ,nearly 50 micro nutrients all with low Fat. Wheat grass is a rich source of magnesium

But renal impairment patients those who are on potassium restriction have to take advice from doctors before consuming. Generally Wheat grass is well tolerated.



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