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The only Alkaline vegetable & fruit wash in India :
that work at a highly alkaline pH 11 to 12 :
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WELL veg WASH is a Natural Alkaline vegetable wash powder that works on "AgriPur" technology. It is a "patent pending " formula  that work in a high alkaline (pH 11 to 12) medium .The activated minerals in WELL VEG WASH removes pesticide residues, and micro organisms. In - vitro test  reports after spiking pesticides on vegetables,fruits,grains and fish and treating with our product yielded very high results. WELL VEG WASH is a perfect shield to protect your family from the ill effect of residual pesticides, and micro organisms .Make it a point to soak meat and chicken in this alkaline wash before cooking. Raisins and grapes after washing in WELL VEG WASH taste better and is safe .

The ingredients being natural essential minerals it, does not have any adverse effect on  people's health. WELL VEG WASH doesn't alter the taste,texture or shelf life of your raw materials.

Usage Guidelines :Mix 1.5 gms(spoon provided) of WELL VEG WASH powder  in 2 liters of water. Soak fruits, vegetables, fish  for 15 to 20 minutes in the milky white solution ,take out and rinse in normal water .Use seperate bowl for fish and meat. 

It is a must to treat vegetables and fruits with our alkaline wash if  you eat it raw, as salad and juice . If used every day, a pack of WELL veg WASH will last for one month for a small family. After washing fruits and vegetables in WELL VEG WASH you can dry it and  store it in your kitchen or in fridge. It doesn't alter the shelf life of the materials. It improves the freshness of the vegetable, taste of the food. 

WELL Veg WASH catering pack is also available for Caterers, hotels, school canteens, mess, residential mess and community kitchens 

Test reports 

  1. The alkaline powder efficacy tested for leafy vegetables, grapes, apple, grains, spices in NABL ,FSSAI notified lab and found it removed pesticide residues to an average of 95%
  2. It completely removed ammonia spiked in fish
  3. Removed Citrus greening virus on Curry leaves 
  4. The product validated by ICAR-Central fisheries institute -Mumbai 

BASL Innovations Pvt ltd ,the manufacturer  of the product won the Best innovation award in the last IUFoST (The world congress for food science and technology) 2018 held at Mumbai





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