Aavaram( : Cassia Auriculata
chittamruthu : Tinospora cardifolia
Njaval(Jamun) : Jambolana
Tea : Camellia Sinesis
Chakkarakolli : Gymnema Sylvstris

HERBAL TEAS are good for health. Tea is a medium of transport for various traditional herbs that are added to give various health benefits in non communicable diseases. The ingredients added in DIALYFE are Camellia Sinensis(tea),Gymnema sylvstris (Chakkara kolli), Eugenia Jambolana(Jamun,Njaval),Cassia Auriculata (aavaram), Tinospora Cordifolia (geloy,Chitta amruthu) -all have benefits in controlling diabetes better. More over herbal teas helps people to reduce the dependence of refined sugar. If needed add lime or Milk water for taste.


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