Ice Tea- A healthy soft drink sachet during travel and at office.Rs 150/=

15 sachets in 1 box :
Black tea :
Vitamin C :
Natural & Natural identical flavors :
added sugar :

Wellness diet's Ice tea is a unique product with its taste and flavor. It is a cost effective, alternative healthy solution for carbonated soft drinks. Ice tea contains black tea, Vitamin C and natural identical flavors.                    

Wellness Diet's Ice tea is a ideal companion during travel. Carry one box for 15 cups of hot lemon tea or 15 delicious Ice tea. You can brew your own cup of Hot or Ice tea by adding either hot or cold water

At office it is any time tea for you. Carry a few sachets in your hand bag. Now no need for  waiting for a cup of tea. It is with added sugar.

"Wellness Diet Ice Tea "is a ready to make delicious drink,  to offer to guests visiting your home .It is an ideal alternative drink to carbonated soft drinks to offer to children

Rate: Rs 150/=(15 sachets)




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