WELL BRAN OIL-An oil to relay on .Rs 150/=

1 liter :

Though oil is essential for health, using any oils in high quantity is unhealthy. The constituent of any oil is a mixture of saturated, mono saturated and Poly unsaturated fats at different proportions in different oils. Oil with a very high saturated fat level is not advisable for good health. Right proportion of fat is ideal for health in limited quantity. For cooking and frying it is not only fat proportion but the smoke point also matters. Oil with a high smoke point is ideal for frying.

 One of the best oils to use for cooking and frying, WELLBRAN OIL is special for its low saturated fat levels and high smoke point. WELLBRAN OIL reasonably priced for domestic and commercial use.

It is good oil for salad dressing also. The Gama Oryzanol content in WELLBRAN OIL is cardio protective. It contains Vitamin E, a known anti oxidant for good health.

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