A vegetable salad or a fresh juice is considered as a healthy dish. It is a perfect blend of Vitamins, Minerals, Anti oxidants and Fiber with low Carbohydrate and Fat. Daily intake of a vegetable and fruit salad offers beneficial effect, not only for health conscious but also for those who want to manage a non communicable disease

But how safe is this dish today? Loaded with pesticide residues, biological load, micro organisms, the basic raw material for this –Vegetables and fruits from market- if not treated properly, the dish do more harm than good. If someone consumes the dish regularly neglecting these risk factors, then he/she would be inviting health problems related to vital organs in our body.

Though there are traditional methods to tackle this issue to some extent, WELL WEG WASH is a sure shot  cost effective method to  clean fruits, vegetables, fish and meat to remove pesticide residues & micro organisms .

Commercial kitchens have to give more care than households, since it is easy to handle small quantity at home but when it comes to commercial kitchens it is a big challenge due to quantity as well as untrained laborers and negligence at least in some cases. This could be a simple but serious security breach in a feast to cause a gastritis to a serious infection to atleast a small section of guests .




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