Pesticide residues in food is an unsolved problem  for mankind. The increasing demand and shortage of production, organic cultivation is a hypothesis .Agriculture no more exist and it is agro business and ROI is important like  in any other business. Unlike other consumer /FMCG products, vegetables ,fruits and non vegetarian food items are handled  mostly by un educated class of workers who neglect or un aware of  the ill effect of high or irrational usage of pesticides and preservatives in food.

In Public catering/restaurants/mess and canteens the kitchen workers falls in the same category of labors. Except for star hotels, appointing qualified professionals in kitchen is  not a viable proportion .We also have street vendors more than organised sellers in our country.

Treating vegetables and fruits with available means like a mixture of vinegar ,turmeric,& alt  is a handy solution that can solve the problem to a great extent. Products of this combination is also available in market in different brand names.

But today Natural Alkaline vegetable wash (WELL veg WASH) is a simple cost effective ,safe and sure shot solution .Being natural minaral it is harmless to body. Alkalinity of the product is a boon .In vito studies treating with the ingredient has shown very good result of  removing residual pesticides upto 99.12%.Study was conducted by spiking the pesticides of organo chloro and organo phospherous group of pesticides. It not only removes pesticide residues but eradicate bacteria, fungi and viruses also.

Usage guidelines:- Just 1.5gms/2liter is sufficient fora family for a day.Dipping fruits and vegetables for 15 minutes is sufficient to get good result.

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