Free radicals theory has become more relevant and accepted by medical fraternity. Free radicals are otherwise called reactive oxygen molecules with less one electron in its atom. This  is also called as oxygen ions. These free radicals can make cellular damage to body leading to many life style diseases such as diabetis, cardiac diseases, diseases related to  other organs ,cancer and  even ageing. At  some level  reactive nitrogen also produced in body. Body  generate free radicals always and has a in-built mechanism to scavenge or neutralize these reactive free radicals. But if the production of free radicals are beyond a limit due to many reasons such as stressful life, polluted environment , wrong food habits, many other underlying diseases etc more and more  free radicals, like in a nuclear fusion,  generated  that body can’t manage or  handle it by itself.

The role of Anti oxidants come here. There are many anti oxidants  such as Vitamin E(Nuts and  some oils, mangoes, guava, and other fruits ,Amla  ), Vitamin C foods such as (oranges ,green pepper ,lime and other rich foods), Lycopene   from tomatoes , Resveratrol from  grapes and  cocoa , beta- carotene in carrot  are rich anti oxidants, that we can add  raw in our food to make it anti oxidant rich food. Anti oxidants has the capacity to scavenge or neutralize the ill effect of free radicals

ANTOXID HERB TEA  is a good anti oxidant rich tea that you can add in your diet to fight against free radicals

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