AgriPur Technology-A boon to the society-

AgriPur Technology in WELL WEG WASH:- Wellness Diet’s WELL VEG WASH is designed to remove pesticide residues and micro organisms from vegetables, fruits, grains, marine products, meat and spices. It is enabled with the AgriPur Technology by which it works on a high alkaline pH of 11 to 12, and all micro organisms are unstable in this pH

What is AgriPur Technology? Developed by BASL Innovations Pvt Limited this is a 100% natural method of removing chemical residues and microorganisms present in food. Food materials washed with AgriPur technology brings down residual pesticides up to 95% average, otherwise present in food would get into human body on its consumption. Contaminated food materials on consumption pose a danger of causing health hazards like neurological disorders, liver and kidney related diseases. Currently, AgriPur claims to be the most effective method of removing pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables. 

Certifications and Claims:- In vitro studies conducted on various products in NABL accredited, FSSAI notified laboratories yielded the below results.

When products were spiked with pesticide and washed with this natural alkaline mix, it was observed that AgriPur removed pesticide residues to the level of 97-100% * in leafy vegetables, 99.12% from grapes and 90-95% in Apple. It completely removed ammonia residues spiked in fish.

A specimen sample of curry leaf collected from market by M/S. Jayam International, after washing in this alkaline mix tested in IIHR Bangalore, by PQ Chennai, found that the sample was free from Citrus greening Virus which is otherwise generally present in the produce.

The efficacy of the product is validated by ICAR – Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai

Dr.DD Namboodiri, (Formerly Dean) Adjuvant  Professor, Dept of Food Science and Technology, Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies, Cochin recommends Agripur as the best option to disinfect and to remove chemical residues form marine products and agriculture produces for house hold public kitchens, community kitchens, hotels, industrial and commercial use.

 AgriPur is a mixture of essential minerals and thus it doesn’t harm the body in any manner. (100% Natural. edible grade).However it is not meant for internal consumption

How to use :-

  • WELL WEG WASH powder is to be mixed in water in a proportion of 1.5gms for 2 liters for households for hotels and caterers, 1 table spoon of WELL VEG WASH powder is to be used in 20 liters of water).Use 2 table spoons for big events more than 300 number
  • Mix well. Dip the materials to be washed in the bath for 15 minutes in the following order- Fruits, leafy vegetables, other vegetables and finally tubers that carry dirt (ginger, potato etc)
  • Use separate bowl for fish and meat
  • Rinse in plain water before cooking.
  • The high alkalinity of the water after mixing the powder in water eradicate  micro organisms 
  • With WELL VEG WASH you can confidently eat grapes and raisins without bothering the pesticide residues and microbes 

 What does AgriPur promise? The potential use of this product doesn’t end from households to hotels. It provides solutions in food processing industries like pickle manufacturers, fruit processing industries, dry fruit marketers, rice, grains and other millet producers, vineries and by farmers who grow spices like chilly and cardamom where there are very high pesticide residues.The product also could find its use among juice sellers, burger hubs and salad makers, where there is a high use of raw leafy vegetables and fruits directly, without cooking, potentially carrying pesticide residues, microorganisms and biological load.

AgriPur is the only product available today to take care of all these - at a time- without giving any difference in taste, texture and shelf life. The vegetable, fruit and marine exporters now can have a relief with this product that their exports will not be rejected on the ground of presence of pesticide residues or harmful preservatives. The marketers can now label their product as “Treated to remove pesticide residues” to get an edge over competition and in turn give confidence to customers to choose their products.

The product is currently patent pending and  also carry all statutory licenses. It also has won the “Best Innovation award” in an international platform IUFoST-(The world congress for food science and technology.)

We hope to benefit this technology to the entire human kind for safe eating and healthy living.

For more details  please call Mr. A.Sasidharan (Mob: 8943387666 ) , Mr.Shankar Mob8921984207)

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