Agri Pur technology is an innovation in the area of treating fruits, vegetables and marine foods to remove pesticide residues naturally. This technology is developed by Mr. Shankar Mariyil and it is patent pending. It works effectively in vegetables, fruits, marine foods, pulses, meat and grains

Various in vitro studies done after spiking pesticides of both oregano chloro and oregano prosperous group of pesticides in leafy vegetables ,fruits like grapes and Apple, Green chilies, gave exciting results ranging from 100 % to 95% reduction .

The studies in fish after spiking Ammonia and afterwards washing with AgriPur  removed residues completely.

Being highly alkaline it eradicates micro organisms. AgriPur technology is the need of the hour today. "WELL VEG WASH" follows AgriPur technology in the product

The product is 100% natural  

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